Notice On Reporting Corruption

Our company is committed to creating an open and transparent business culture, we will not accept any form of corruption at any level.

The company supervision department accepts the following reports concerning employees violations of discipline:
(1)Requesting or accepting bribes; accept gifts or treats - in violation of regulations;
(2)Conflicts of interest working with our suppliers, merchants, partners, etc.
(3)Divulging confidential information of the company to unauthorized parties, etc.
(4)Using company functions and powers for personal gain;
(5)Other acts in violation of laws and regulations.

The company supervision department accepts all reports with the highest integrity (internal staff violations of discipline). All reports will be under your real name, and we promise to strictly protect the informant and keep the contents of the report confidential. The content of the report must be objective and true and all reports will be subject to internal verification. After we investigate each report, we will provide feedback based to all parties.

The issue of personal integrity does not fall within the scope of this reporting system. Please make sure to only report violations of this policy.

Report On Integrity Of Starmerx

Reporting Information


    Upload up to 9 files, with each file size no more than 10M,
    The uploading formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, Doc, docx, xls, xlsx, zip, RAR

    Informer Information

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