After the our initial 2016 round A of financing, we have once again won the favor of the capital market.

Shenzhen Xingshang is a company mainly engaged in cross-border e-commerce, and is a national high-tech enterprise. Founded in 2011, the company currently employs nearly 500 people and is headquartered in Shenzhen. We have multiple locations in Yantai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Yiwu, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Seattle.

After this round of financing, Xingshang will continue to focus on technology research and development, and promote the "two-wheel drive" strategy. In addition to continuing to consolidate existing superior categories and expand competitive advantages, it will also actively occupy the commanding heights of other sub-category industries. At the same time we will continue to vigorously promote brand strategy and enhance brand influence through our private brands.

The cross-border e-commerce industry is one of the key support industries in the country. After rapid development in the past few years, it has gradually shifted from barbaric development to compliance and refined operation. Now that the B-round financing funds are in place, which will futher the rise of Starmerx in this crowded market.


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