"Huawei" × Xingshang, New Path × New "Silk" Road

Huawei is the world's leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, focusing on the ICT sector, adhering to sound operations, continuous innovation, open cooperation, and building end-to-end in telecom carriers, enterprises, terminals and cloud computing.

Their solution advantage is to provide competitive ICT solutions, products and services for carrier customers, enterprise customers and consumers, and to make the future information society and build a better connected world. In 2017, Huawei ranked 83rd in the Fortune Global 500.

Entering the US market has been blocked, but governments can't stop the enthusiasm of North American consumers for Huawei products. As a world-class leader, Huawei's products and solutions have been applied to more than 170 countries in the world, serving the top 50 operators in the world amounting toone third of the world's population.

However, Huawei from China has repeatedly suffered unfair treatment in the US market due to national security issues. After the operator channel was announced to stop, Huawei used offline stores and retail channels as a new way to enter the United States.

As one of the largest channels on the US line, Amazon has naturally become the most important channel.

After multiple layers of screening, Huawei finally chose to cooperate with StarMerx. After the in-depth communication between the two teams in the previous quarter, Starmerx and Huawei's have aligned their direction and overall strategy. After we broke our intitial launch goals, we were surprised to see product volume delivered on such a scale.

Just like Ren Zhengfei’s general lecture, Huawei must first do a good job and put the strength of the entire company up. At Starmerx, we must first do a good job and increase the strentgh of the entire team!


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