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Mobile Computing

We are the leading mobile computing service providers, we provide everything from mobile devices, platform, security to complete mobile device management services.

Cross-Border E-Commerce

We provide online trade between business and consumer (B2C), between two businesses (B2B) or between two private persons(C2C), via our online platform.

Internet Data Mining

Starmerx possess substantial internet data mining services experience, that holds the capabilities to add value to your business.

Secure financial services

Our financial services are secure and encompasses broad range of business that manages money, credit card, debit card, internet banking, investment fund, etc.

Intellectual property services

We provide an efficient & cost effective way to protect your inventions, trademarks, design, etc across border.

Logistics and overseas warehousing

We use the advance technology and logistics expertise to provide the best supply chain and logistics service without any hassle.




Starmerx mainly deals with cross-border e-commerce, mobile computing and internet data mining. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen, is applying for national high-tech enterprises. The company's core technical team has made more than a dozen software copyrights and published dozens of papers in related fields such as data mining and information retrieval. The company has developed a number of projects in computer AI and information processing and has accumulated technology, in which e-commerce category development technology based on massive data mining has taken the lead in the field of international e-commerce.
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Starmerx is a cross-border e-commerce platform that allows international merchants to make a tap in chinese market without even having a physical presence . Starmerx is open to partnership with brands, franchisees, retailers and traders that are legal and based outside or in china.
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Amazon Operations

Brands can partner with us to expand internationally, create profits, and shortcut their growth using our strategies and specialties.

Management training

Brands go out to sea, create profits, short, flat and fast product channels.

Information Services

Brands go out to sea, create profits, short, flat and fast product channels.

Logistics and Overseas

Brands go out to sea, create profits, short, flat and fast product channels.

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KingCamp - A brand's road to the Sea The KingCamp brand blue road KingCamp is a family outdoor self-driving camping equipment brand. Founded in

Huawei & Starmerx - A New Path - A New Silk Road

"Huawei" × Xingshang, New Path × New "Silk" Road Huawei is the world's leading provider of information and comm

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