Purchase Order Management

An effortless process for purchase-order management can become complicated when the sourcing is done from multiple international vendors. Starmerx is focused on developing the most efficient logistics systems to streamline PO information from the suppliers and vendors. Our system balances the demand & supply and can easily confirm a processed order. During the process, we communicate and coordinate with the vendors and control the logistics procedures to ensure high quality standards with our system.

Timely Distribution

The most pivotal aspect of supply chain management is warehousing and distribution. At Starmerx, we provide an extensive spectrum of services throughout our global network. With our unmatched nationwide logistics network, we ensure Industry-leading level of delivery. Our proprietary inventory management and order fulfillment platform ensures a smooth global logistics & supply chain management service.

Logistics Consulting

In the logistics and warehousing industry, executing fast is crucial. You need to examine various factors including cost analysis, competitors, performance, and regional regulations.To stay ahead of your competitors, you need a better strategy and advice from experienced operators who can understand your needs & can design/implement a solution accordingly

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