Our services

Step 1

Early contact

  • -Professional consultation
  • -Store basic analysis
  • -Clear cooperation matters
  • -Store operation planning

Step 2

Signing contract

  • -Arranging professional operators
  • -Clear project schedule
  • -Develop an operational budget plan
  • -Do a good job of stocking products

Step 3

Generation operation

  • -Complete seller account registration
  • -Arrange the product listing
  • -Complete sales order processing
  • -Develop a marketing plan

Step 4

Continuous service

  • -Executive marketing plan
  • -Regular feedback and summary
  • -Constantly adjust and optimize
  • -Communication needs, setting goals

Market research

Selling well on Amazon requires experienced people! As one of the world's largest e-commerce and Technology Company, Amazon has a huge user and market space. But in recent years, Amazon's massive investment, especially in the Chinese market has made the competition fierce. So at present, in addition to competitive products, operational talents become the key to being able to do a good job in Amazon. Large sellers with excellent Amazon team and mature practical experience can quickly open up the international market and solve the problems of professional recruitment and team mobility, helping companies to quickly sell products and achieve profitability.

Mature Operational Management

Each Amazon account needs many positions including 1 operation manager, 1 promotion specialist, 1 customer service + 1 logistics operator accumulating costs of up to 200,000 RMB/year (in addition labor cost and inventory risk is high). The professionalism of talents is uneven and the profit cycle is a long one which requires a long term view. The e-commerce market is changing rapidly and the business opportunities and dividend periods are not as strong as they were 5 years ago. An excellent Amazon operating company has a mature and perfect system, which can save any company recruitment and operational training costs while shortening the profit time.

Rich resources

Self-built teams can only get a limited amount of relevant information through a few eyes. With few resources, the information isn't current and possibles sales are lost. Recruiting talented people is difficult and the development of enterprises are not easy. With the black hat tactics in the market, the unconventional operationsos logistics, and increasing supervision of Amazon; a large number of companies in the market lost their companies. Excellent Amazon operating companies not only have rich platform resources, personal resources, and information resources, but also protect the account security under the operating rules stipulated by Amazon platform. We help brands grow rapidly and gain opportunities in the fierce competition of e-commerce.

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