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Founded in 2011, StarMerx is a pioneer in Cross-Border E-Commerce, Mobile Computing, Internet Data Mining, and many other business models.

StarMerx presently has a staff of more than 1000 people committed towards our mission. In 2016, we received a 45 million Yuan investment, which increased to one hundred million Yuan in 2017. StarMerx has been rapidly growing at platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Wish, etc., with customers all over the world. Its business scope includes electronics, LED, outdoor & household products, apparel, toys, cosmetic products, and practically everything under the sun!

Global Strategy

StarMerx is based in Shenzhen, with branches in Yantai, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Donguan, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Hong Kong, and Seattle. We have warehouses in USA, Europe, Russia, Shenzhen, and Donguan. Our strategy encompasses a robust cross-border physical presence to enable brands to connect with their international customers.

Strong Technology Power

StarMerx was rewarded as National High-tech Enterprise and Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise. Its core technology team has received more than a dozen software copyrights, published dozens of thesis in the field of data mining, information retrieval, and related fields. StarMerx has developed a number of leading E-Commerce projects in the field of artificial intelligence and information processing.


Our vision is being the best e-commerce enabler world-wide and a premiere customer choice for all brands. It is our vision to create platforms that brings people together and offer as well as discover products and services, cutting across limitations of geography and borders!


To provide word class e-commerce service to customers with 100% satisfaction.







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Company History

Development History

  1. Starmerx Shenzhen was born and mainly engaged in electronic commerce, mobile computing, and Internet data mining.

  2. Branched to the US market and set up in expansion office in Europe,

  3. Founded Yantai branch and built an improved backend Amazon Management Platform. We scaled ten independent brand sales in foreign markets.

  4. The Company made internal adjustments to become more holistic and independent with well structured digital and physical infrastructure.

  5. Founded both the Guangzhou and Hongkong branch to align with our expansion goals. We also closed a round of financing at 45 million Yuan.

  6. Founded Qingdao and Yiwu branch as the company continues to scale! We also closed round B funding!

  7. Get A rounded financing 45 million yuan.

  8. Get B rounded financing.

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